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Friday, March 23, 2007

Episode 4 - "The Green Mile," Part 3

"The Green Mile"
Part 3 - Coffey's Hands 3/23/2007

Hello everyone,

I profusely apologize for taking so long to grt this episode out to all of you. Things have been rather crazy as of late, and I've also been suffering the ole sinus and cold crud. I didn't want to do a podcast while I was sniffling and hacking up my lungs. I'm back now and ready to roll again. :)

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I am changing the format just a little bit. Instead of doing only 5-6 chapters of this book, I've decided that we'll cover the part we're discussing in its entirety so we can get through the book a little faster. There are other wonderful books to discuss, so there's really no need for us to drag one out unnecessarily. Therefore, in this episode, we've covered all of Part 3. It will make the podcast just a bit longer, but I'm certain that nobody will have a problem with that.

Here are the study questions for this session:

Chapter 1

In the nursing home, Paul watches “Kiss of Death” starring Richard Widmark on AMC. The character Widmark plays and how the actor looks reminds Paul of Wharton, and it freaks him out a bit. Are you surprised that Paul reacted this way?

Chapter 2

Wharton’s attack on Dean continues in this chapter and all hell breaks loose. Harry yells for Percy to hit Wharton, but Percy just stands there. Why doesn’t Percy do anything?

Chapter 3

This is the first time we see Coffey’s powers at work when he heals Paul’s bladder infection. What was your first impression of this?

Are there limits to Coffey’s powers? Do you feel that Coffey is aware of any limits he has?

Chapter 4

In this chapter, Paul goes to see Hammersmith, the reporter who wrote the news stories about Coffey. As they talk, Hammersmith explains about the dog his family used to have (the dog, for no apparent reason, attacked Hammersmith’s son and severely disfigures his face), saying that the dog just had a mind to attack as did Coffey. Hammersmith also believes that Coffey is guilty of the murders he was charged with. Do you agree or disagree on both of these points? Why or why not?

Chapter 5

Wharton stirs up trouble by peeing on Harry and then later spitting a moon pie in Brutal’s face. On both of these occasions, he is hauled kicking and screaming into the restraint room. Do you feel that this chapter gives us comic relief or is helpful in giving bus more insight as to Wharton’s character?

Chapter 6

Paul and Janice go to see Melinda, and it saddens them to see her in the condition she is in. During and after this visit, Paul thinks about Coffey and what his powers can do. Do you think Paul realizes that he is actually considering somehow making it possible for Coffey to help Melinda?

Again, Paul thinks about Del’s execution and Percy’s attitude toward this particular prisoner. Paul’s sense of foreboding does not go away. Does yours?

Chapter 7

Del’s execution is drawing closer, and the rehearsals must be carried out. Del and Mr. Jingles are taken to Mr. Anderson’s office so Mr. Jingles can show him and some others his tricks. This seems to serve as a distraction for Del in order to keep him as unalarmed as possible. Do you think Paul and the others feel sorry for Del? Do you think they would extend themselves like this for other prisoners?

Chapter 8

Paul feels that the rehearsals have gone well and that Percy is actually performing up to scratch this time. Do you think Paul feels better about the situation or is he still feeling uneasy? Do you feel uneasy or do you think things will go well?

Percy walks too close to the cells after everyone comes back from rehearsing for Del’s execution and Wharton grabs him. It terrifies Percy, and he wets himself. Del laughs, and Wharton harangues him. Percy is utterly humiliated. Do you think he overreacts? Do you think this spurs on Percy’s hatred for Del?

Chapters 9 & 10

It is the night before Del’s execution, and Paul is talking to him about what will happen. Del is more worried about what will happen to Mr. Jingles, and it’s finally decided that the mouse will go to Mouseville? Do you think that Del believes there is such a place?

As they are talking, Mr. Jingles gets out of Del’s cell to retrieve the spool. Percy then steps on him and kills him, saying, “I knew I’d get him eventually.” Who is the “him” that Percy refers to – Del or Mr. Jingles? What do you think possessed Percy to do such a thing?

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Until next time. Happy reading. :)


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